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Fraser Island, largest sand island in the world

Fraser Island is a large sand island 122 km (76 miles) long (with an area of 184

How to get to and around Fraser Island

How to get to Fraser Island:Boat:Vehicular access to Fraser Island is by ferry o

Climate and best time to visit Fraser Island

At 500 kilometres south of the Tropic of Capricorn, Fraser Island has a hot and

Watch out for Dingoes, Sharks and Saltwater Crocs on

Fraser Island is home to approximately 150 Dingoes - Australia's wild dog.

Historical sights in Darwin

- World War II Oil Storage Tunnels, Tel: +61 (8) 8985 6333.

What to expect when heading NORTH of ALICE SPRINGS

Heading North of Alice Springs you'll get to: - Tanami Road – that road

Natural sights of Darwin, Australia

- Berry Springs. The perfect swimming spot is only 45 minutes from Darwin city.

Darwin's Climate and the best time to visit

The Top End, which includes Darwin, Katherine, Kakadu National Park and Arnhem L

Darwin, a small yet cosmopolitan city

Darwin is a small yet cosmopolitan city.

What to expect when heading SOUTH of ALICE SPRINGS

There are two ways to go south.