Overview East Australia tips

Australian East Coast: Avoiding the Stereotypes

Australia's East coast is renowned for it's party scene - but how do y

Hiking in Queensland: Beauty, Brush-turkeys and Natu

Dense rainforest, a killer waterfall, a rocky bridge - and LOTS of Australian Br

Top 10 Bush Adventures Tips - Camping in Queensland

Australia is a continent of extremes & the recent bout of arid conditions, c

A Perfect Day Down Under In and Around Cairns - Aust

For some travelers, Cairns is the starting point of a trip down the coast.

Island Life: Total Bliss or a Near Miss - Living and

It's now been over two weeks of living on Hayman Island, and I have come to

Grand Pacific Drive - Sydney to Wollongong and beyon

Grand Pacific Drive is a 140 kilometre coastal drive beginning 45 minutes south

Moreton Island, a unique island wilderness close to

Moreton Island is a large sand island, 36kms long, covering 17,500ha, only 35kms

Things you could do in the Blue Mountains

Here are a few travel tips if you don't know what to do in the Blue Mountai

Fraser Island, largest sand island in the world

Fraser Island is a large sand island 122 km (76 miles) long (with an area of 184

How to get to and around Fraser Island

How to get to Fraser Island:Boat:Vehicular access to Fraser Island is by ferry o

Climate and best time to visit Fraser Island

At 500 kilometres south of the Tropic of Capricorn, Fraser Island has a hot and

Watch out for Dingoes, Sharks and Saltwater Crocs on

Fraser Island is home to approximately 150 Dingoes - Australia's wild dog.