Overview North America tips

Information about Climate in the Grand Canyon Natio

Temperatures and weather within the park vary greatly by location.

Learn a bit Hawaiian "pidgin" English

English is the main spoken language.

Hawai'i, a "hot spot"and an archipela

Hawaii (sometimes pronounced ha-VAI-ee by locals) is the 50th state of the Unite

Star Gazing in the heart of Texas

If you find yourself deep in the heart of Texas (and to be honest, why wouldnt y

Things to see in Calgary

Calgary (often abbreviated as CGY or CAL) a city in Alberta, Canada, a product o

Kilauea, Hawaii - A volcano all to ourselves!

I have always been fascinated by volcanoes.

Taxis in Tijuana, Mexico

Cabs are abundant throughout the city.

Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi, Mexico City

Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi— The square is surrounded by cafés and restaurants much

Public transport and taxi in Mexico City

Mexico City is a huge place, but driving is definitely not a way to see it even

Jack Daniels Distillery Tour, Tennessee

Jack Daniels Distillery Tour Located 70 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee,

Zócalo Acapulco, Mexico

Zócalo - Zócalo, Acapulco's town square, lies on the western side of La Cos

Historic Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton, New Jersey, USA Easy accessed by bus and train routes, only 40 mil