Overview Mexico tips

Canyon de Guadalupe, a hot spring oasis in Baja Cali

Getting to Canyon de Guadalupe is not an easy task (which is one of the reasons

Getting to the Copper Canyon in Mexico

What is the best way to get to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, Mexico, larger and deeper than the Gr

Copper Canyon (Spanish: Barranca del Cobre) is a canyon system in the Sierra Tar

Climate in Mexico

The climate in Mexico varies from desert-like regions on the northwest part of t

Zihuatanejo, Mexico, tip for a hostel and beach loca

We arrived in Zihuatanejo around 4am and we were lucky enough that the hostel we

Taxis in Tijuana, Mexico

Cabs are abundant throughout the city.

Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi, Mexico City

Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi— The square is surrounded by cafés and restaurants much

Public transport and taxi in Mexico City

Mexico City is a huge place, but driving is definitely not a way to see it even

Zócalo Acapulco, Mexico

Zócalo - Zócalo, Acapulco's town square, lies on the western side of La Cos

Five things you shouldn't miss to do in Isla Mu

Five things you cant miss to do in Isla Mujeres: 1)Beach Volleyball - Isla Mu

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Isla Mujeres (Spanish for "Island of Women") is an island in the Carib

Three Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is on the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico.