Overview Canada tips

Canada Day in the Nations Capital, Ottawa

If there is any time I can suggest you visit Ottawa, Canadas Capital, I would re

Biking the Kettle Valley Railway through Myra Canyon

The Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) has ahistory dating back to the early 1900'

You Can See Through Time at St John`s, Newfoundland

The local saying goes that people dont come here for the weather - they stay in

Montreal - City of Festivals

Montrealers celebrate EVERYTHING from construction (yes, we have a construction

One-Day Walking Tour of Montreal inclusive Old Port

With a population of four million, Montreal is by no means a huge city, but it i

A Local Girl's Ultimate Guide to Partying in Mo

Where to party in Montreal? Here are some travel tips by a local

A Local Girl's Ultimate Guide for sights &

YOUNG & FUN: A Local Girls Guide to Montreal (a must-read before visitin

Tofino Time - a magical city on the west coast of Va

You'll find magical Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The

Spotted Lake, a sacred medicine lake in British Colo

Spotted Lake is a sacred medicine lake of the Okanagan people.

Strolling, shopping, eating and having a drink in Ba

Enjoy strolling alongside locals and world-travellers as you discover a cosmopol

Banff, Canada, nestled in the Rocky Mountains and UN

Banff is a town in the Alberta Rockies province of Alberta.

Things to do in Banff, Canada, all year round

There are activities you can do all year round in Banff.