Overview Montreal tips

Seven Amazing Montreal Festivals

Every year festivals in Montreal are becoming more diverse.

Top Tips When Visiting Quebec

There is no place quite like Quebec.

Montreal: A Great Winter Destination

I haven't had Montreal on my list as a winter destination before this trip!

Frost Bite and So Much Fun

It's 06.45 am and my alarm goes off! Finally!

Driving In Montreal - Not Worth The Headache

Some tips on driving in Montreal, Canada

Five Things to Try in Montreal, Canada

Being a Seattle native, its surprising that I havent spent more time in Canada -

Montreal - City of Festivals

Montrealers celebrate EVERYTHING from construction (yes, we have a construction

One-Day Walking Tour of Montreal inclusive Old Port

With a population of four million, Montreal is by no means a huge city, but it i

A Local Girl's Ultimate Guide for sights &

YOUNG & FUN: A Local Girls Guide to Montreal (a must-read before visitin

Drinks, bars and nightlife in Montréal, Canada

The legal age to purchase alcohol in Québec is 18 and the Quebecois are usually

Montreal is a culinary mecca

Montreal is a culinary mecca and has a huge variety of food options, from diners