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Portsmouth for FREE - things to do & places to s

Portsmouth has many things to do and places to visit for FREE.Southsea CommonA g

Going local when you travel

Whenever we travel, there are always sights that we want to see when we get ther

London's canteens: Cheap and good.

Exhausted from strolling through London or shopping around Oxford Street and fee

Glasgow, Scotland - Two Days for the Culture Vulture

There is more to Glasgow than the main attractions and despite two days not bein

Hiking along the Cleveland Way in Yorkshire, Great B

A wonderful scenic walk along the cliffs from Whitby takes you in less than 3 ho

Eating my way through London - Dining at the Legenda

For St. John, we took the Circle line to Farringdon.

Hidden Gems - Glasgow

Every city has them; gems squirreled away for only the natives to enjoy and pass

An average two days, in a not so average city! Glasg

Most backpackers enjoy Glasgow’s sights and sounds, on average, for two days.

Absolut Ice Bar London

Literally the coolest pub in London (get it?)!

Where to stay overnight in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has been established as a tourist destination for centuries, and so th

Things to do and highlights around Edinburgh, Scotla

Here are a few ideas and travel tips for things to do in the surrounding area of

Shopping in Edinburgh, Scotland

This travel tip should give you some help about where to go shopping in Edinburg