Overview South Portugal tips

Visiting Faro: Best Activities to Do with Your Famil

Faro is a city and seaport in the south of Portugal, the center of the historic

A Guide To Praia de Faro, Portugal

Excellent food, drink and a stunning beach moments from Faro Airport.

Discover the Magic of Portugal, on Alqueva Lake

The Amieira Marina, in the Alentejo region receives 300 days of sunshine a year,

Sunny Weekend in Faro, Portugal

I have to go back to Portugal. I just have to.

Lost in The Algarve: The Paradise Of Portugal

Planning a European trip? Why not try the Algarve.

Algarve Beaches - Discover The Less Touristic Ones!

The Algarve beaches - in Portugal's most southern region - are popular.

Getting to and around Cascais, Portugal, a small and

Cascais is a small beach town in Portugal next to Estoril coast in the greater L

Highlights and things to do in Cascais, Portugal

Beginning on Avenida Rei Humberto II de Italia, just outside town past the marin

Mega Sandcastles in Portugal

Looking out over Fiesa Sandcastles near Pera, The Algarve, Portugal I was

Sagres, Portugal: The end of the world

Many centuries ago Portugal was the master of the oceans and ships would leave f

Cliff Walking in the Algarve, Portugal

Breakfast starts at the hostel at 8:30 am.