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Whether you are a novice at remote working on-the-go, or you’re a seasoned trave

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Exploring Europe for Next to Nothing

Top Things To Do In Crete

Crete is a wonderful place for a holiday as it has something for everyone.

Delicious Food to Try When You Visit the Greek Capit

The cuisine in Greece varies from region to region, and island to island.

Elafonisi Beach – Amazing Beach on Crete Island

Rich with history and ancient monuments and temples Crete have something else to

Hiking, Swimming and the History of the Greek Region

The Greek peninsula of Pilion in Autumn is a pleasant place if you want to avoid

A 3 Day City Break in Athens

It was time to make the most of this year’s Midsummer Eve and do it somewhere wa

Historical Athens: 7 Interesting Museums & Exhib

Athens is a real city-museum.

How To Order Coffee In Greece

If you're a coffee addict like me, one of the first things to know in a new

The Palace of Knossos on the Greek Island of Crete

Crete is famous for many things - beaches, history, sights and lots of mythology

A Guide to Island-Hopping in Greece

With 6,000 islands in total, there are plenty of Greek islands to hop around on.

Sappho Women in Greece: A Lesvos Festival By and For

In September every year the women of Eressos on Lesvos host an international fes