Overview Germany tips

What I Wish I Would Have Done - Make Your Trip Go Mo

Taking the plunge into international travel?

Tips and Information for Studying Abroad in Germany

After considering the pros & cons to other places, I finally chose Germany.

BergWerk Berlin: Europe’s Largest Indoor High Rope C

BergWerk is the largest indoor high rope course in Europe.

The Local Experience on a Business Trip

Every March Im heading to Berlin and to the biggest travel trade fair worldwide,

7 Ways to Feel the Real Berlin

Whilst Paris as well as London stay the signature destinations with regard to Eu

The “Colossus of Rugen” - The Biggest Hotel in the W

On the northern coast of former East Germany, just up the coast from Rugen'

Altmühltal in Germany - Great for Cycling and More

Cycling along the Altmühl River should not only be a sporty activity if you visi

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg - Exploring the World

Enjoy exploring the world with the eyes of the giant and get impressed by the sc

Beach Holi-Day in Hamburg – Possible!

How is it possible that you can have a beach holi-day then, without heading to t

Wendland - a rural area at the old border between We

The most precious commodity found here is "peace and quiet".

Walking in the Sächsische Schweiz in Saxonia Switzer

An excellent climbing and walking area south east of Dresden at the river Elbe.

Englischer Garten - No 1 of Top Ten Things to See an

Enjoy a stroll through the largest park in Munich and breathe in the beauty that