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Schloss Nymphenburg: A Family Travel Attraction

A royal place in the heart of Munich.

Top 5 Sites In Berlin To Absorb The History

Berlin is a world metropol and you will find lots of spots, where the cities sha

What are Peer to Peer Accommodations?

Are they better than hotels?

What is the Difference Between Flashpacking & Ba

Even some of the most avid traveler's cannot define backpacking to flashpac

What to Do in Berlin when it's Freezing?

What to do if you arrive to Berlin and it's too cold for some sightseeing.

Welcome to Traveldudes - The Beta Version of Our New

It is a definite must see on every traveller's list for Australia.

10 Tips for the Solo Traveler

10 bits of advice for the solo traveler, including everything from how not to mi

Discovering the Strong Regional Cultures of Mecklenb

To discover the regions art influence and stylish architecture and become immers

A Must Visit and a Go To Place in Leipzig

I've been to Leipzig twice now and I liked it from the beginning.

Gorgeous Apartment in Berlin

We stayed in a wonderful apartment at Prenzlauerberg just at the edge to Berlin

What I Wish I Would Have Done - Make Your Trip Go Mo

Taking the plunge into international travel?

Tips and Information for Studying Abroad in Germany

After considering the pros & cons to other places, I finally chose Germany.