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Hamburg: Wind, Water, and Wide Green Spaces

Germany's greenest city invites you to enjoy a city break in close touch wi

Things to Do on Sylt, Germany

Sylt is posh, but it's also far more! Sylt is worth a trip!

Discovering the Strong Regional Cultures of Mecklenb

To discover the regions art influence and stylish architecture and become immers

The “Colossus of Rugen” - The Biggest Hotel in the W

On the northern coast of former East Germany, just up the coast from Rugen'

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg - Exploring the World

Enjoy exploring the world with the eyes of the giant and get impressed by the sc

Beach Holi-Day in Hamburg – Possible!

How is it possible that you can have a beach holi-day then, without heading to t

Wendland - a rural area at the old border between We

The most precious commodity found here is "peace and quiet".

The Speicherstadt is an UNESCO World Heritage and a

The Speicherstadt in Hamburg, Germany, is a large district of warehouses from ar

Don't Leave Hamburg Without Trying at Least One

Original Hamburg dishes are...Birnen, Bohnen und Speck (Low Saxon Birn, Bohn un

11 Popular Museums in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg publishes a thick, detailed booklet of local museums called "Museem

Hamburg, Germany: The Gate to the World and More

Hamburg is a major port city situated on the Elbe River in northern Germany.