Overview East Germany tips

Unstrut Valley: An Unknown German Gem

The Unstrut Valley is a great area for a relaxing holiday.

Exploring the Rural and Historical Parts of Germany

Germany is stunning when you explore the countryside, with its lesser known citi

Leipzig: A Long Lived German City

Leipzig played an important role in the history of Germany and Europe in two not

Young Dresden: Traveler's Highlights and Things

Dresden got far more than I have seen! Seems I have to head back!

Bruehl's Terrace in Dresden: Majestic Views of

Brühl's Terrace, an architectonic masterpiece nicknamed as "The Balcon

A Must Visit and a Go To Place in Leipzig

I've been to Leipzig twice now and I liked it from the beginning.

Walking in the Sächsische Schweiz in Saxonia Switzer

An excellent climbing and walking area south east of Dresden at the river Elbe.

The Rich History of Colditz Castle in Germany

Colditz Castle is perhaps most widely known as a top security POW camp utilise