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Best Places to See the Remains of the Berlin Wall

For those wishing to see the Berlin Wall, check the top 3 places to do it!

Free Activities to Enjoy in Berlin

Zero to low cost things to do in Berlin.

Immerse Yourself in Berlin's Culture

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‘Poor but Sexy’: 5 of the Best Bars in Berlin

Berlin is not a rich city but it's certainly sexy and it boasts some of the

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Berlin is a world metropol and you will find lots of spots, where the cities sha

What to Do in Berlin when it's Freezing?

What to do if you arrive to Berlin and it's too cold for some sightseeing.

Gorgeous Apartment in Berlin

We stayed in a wonderful apartment at Prenzlauerberg just at the edge to Berlin

BergWerk Berlin: Europe’s Largest Indoor High Rope C

BergWerk is the largest indoor high rope course in Europe.

The Local Experience on a Business Trip

Every March Im heading to Berlin and to the biggest travel trade fair worldwide,

7 Ways to Feel the Real Berlin

Whilst Paris as well as London stay the signature destinations with regard to Eu

Summer Tips for Budget Destinations - Berlin

The main worry of European travellers this summer is how to still be able to tra

Berlin Tram and Underground System

A quick overview of the integrated metro, bus and tram systems in the city of Be