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The 10 Best Trips Outside of Prague

The following are trips I’ve taken and can personally recommend.

Best Places for Hiking and Camping in Europe

Hiking and camping in Europe can be an awesome family holiday.

The Beer Garden Guide to Prague

A guide to five of the best beer gardens in Prague.

A Mini-Guide to Prague

Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe, with flights from the UK bec

The Perfect 3-day Prague Itinerary

Prague is big and interesting enough to enjoy over days or weeks.

5 Tips to Save You Money on Your Next Trip

There are so many ways to save money while travelling, why pay extra fees when y

Lednice Castle Complex: The Garden of Europe

Lednice Castle complex is in the Czech Republic near the Austrian Border.

The Romance of Prague: Give Yourself Time to Experie

The city has long been a mecca for tourists in Europe.

Things To Do in Prague

Roving across Charles Build a bridge over or upon is everybody's favourite

What Are Czechs Like?

Of course, it's always dangerous to make general statements about how natio

Sights Worth Visiting in Prague at the Old Town Squa

Old Town Hall and its Astronomical Clock The Old Town Hall was built in 1364.