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10 Reasons Why You Should Sail the Croatian Coast

Sunshine, sea and sand. Relaxing, exploring and partying.

5 Reasons Why Croatia Makes for an Awesome Vacation

Mediterranean climate, 2000 km of coastline, an array of beautiful islands, stun

Balkans Trip: A Great Adventure

Last year during my trip through Central America my friend Hyden told me a lot o

Which Category of Traveler do you Belong to?

Traveling is a passion for many people around the world, and they all experience

5 Things to Do in Split, Croatia

5 Things To Do in Split, Croatia - Dalmatia

Where to Stay along Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

The Dalmatian coastline has a lot of wonderful places to stay.

Yoga Routine While You Travel

For those who love to travel and they dont want to break their yoga routine

Beyond Dubrovnik: The Seafood Mecca of Ston

Get off the beaten path near Dubrovnik and follow your palate to Ston.

Dubrovnik Off-Road Buggy Safaris

If you really want to go off the beaten track and talk to the locals in Dubrovni

What You Need to Know When Traveling to Croatia

General tips and what you need to know when traveling to Croatia.

Enjoying Croatia without Breaking the Bank

How I enjoyed a weeks holiday in Dubrovnik without bankrupting myself.