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Top Things to Do in Innsbruck

Innsbruck, the capital city of Tyrol is situated in the Inn valley, about halfwa

Solo Spring Skiing in Austria with SnowTrex

When it comes to skiing, it's import to work hard, play hard.

Traveler's Winter Highlights in Austria

The Alps offer a stunning landscape and also so many different things to do.

Biathlon in Tyrol, Austria: Giving It a Successful T

Then you lie down, take a few very long breaths of air and start aiming for the

Different Fun Things To Do in Winter in Austria

Tyrol offers so much extra and excellent ski pistes.

Traveling in Europe: Rail Tickets and More

European Railways are extremely well connected and can take you in extreme comfo

How it is to Jump into Freezing Cold Water in Austri

YOU should NOT do this without 3 layers of wetsuits!

An Alpine Spring Skiing Destination for Beginners an

Winter and spring skiing recommendations/tips for beginners and families.

On and Off Piste in St Anton – One of the Best Ski R

St Anton in Austria is one of the best ski resorts you will find in the world...

Four Out of This World Winter Vacations for Snow Bir

Whether you love skiing, snowboarding, hot tubs in the mountains or making wonky

Freeze your summer holiday plans and try skiing inst

Why not avoid the summer holiday scrum this year and plan a ski trip instead?