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The Giay Ethnic Group in Vietnam

Before the revolution of August, 1945, Giay societies were divided into distinct

The Cong Ethnic Group in Vietnam

A defining characteristic of the Cong house is a kind of "flap seat" t

The Colao Ethnic Group in Vietnam

Colao villages are generally comprised of between 15 and 20 families...

The Co Ethnic Group in Vietnam

Their stilt houses are sprawling structures, with doors built below each of the

Chut Ethnic Group in Vietnam

The Chut live by nomadic slash-and-burn agriculture, and hunting and gathering.

Churu Ethnic Group in Vietnam

The Churu build their bamboo houses on stilts with a thatched roof.

Ninh Binh - Legendary Land and Legendary People

Nature has bestowed Vietnam’s northern province of Ninh Binh with dramatic lands

Antiques in Hoi An, Vietnam - A Must Visit - Showcas

Hoi An is a city richly layered in cultural history.

Floating Dreams in Halong Bay, Vietnam - Sail Back i

Fancy a trip back on time on an imperial junk or a colonial steamboat?

Hue Culinary Art - The Heritage of Vietnam Imperial

Cuisine handed down from the King and Queen of Hue City is something every visit

Conical Hat - The National Hat in Vietnam

The village's glory days are over, but many inhabitants of Chuong Have kept

The Cham Ethnic Group in Vietnam - What You Need to

Other name: Cham, Chiem, Chiem Thanh Cham Pa, Hoi, etc Local groups: Cham Hroi,