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2012 - The Year of the Dragon - What You Need to Kno

In Asian myths, no creature is as impressive as the dragon.

Vietnamese Animal Standing for Longevity

One of the Four Sacred Animals, the turtle holds a special place in Vietnamese c

The history of Vietnam National Costumes

From the earliest days of Vietnam, traditional costumes have been a vital part o

Ethnical and Traditional Wedding in Sapa - A special

Traditionally, when a boy wants to marry a girl, he will make his intentions cle

Pa Then People Village - The Highlight of Mountainou

The Pathen preserve a rich folk culture tradition that includes singing, flute p

A Traditional Cham Wedding - The Soaring Culture in

For Vietnamese, wedding is one of three most important things to do all one'

A Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony - Many Customs, Com

A wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion...

Celebration for Longevity - A Traditional Way to Hon

Each passing year of a mans life brings him esteem and respect from his family a

Tay Ho Lotus Tea - The Best Gift in Vietnam for the

Hanois West Lake is famous for its lotus blossoms.

Top Villages around Hanoi in Vietnam

Top villages around Hanoi, Vietnam

Top Temples to Visit in Vietnam

Information about some must see temples of Vietnam.

Top Pagodas in Vietnam

Here is a list with the top pagodas of Vietnam.