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The Philippines: Know Before You Go

What you don't know about the Philippines might ruin your trip

Venice Grand Canal Mall, Manila

If you are on a budget but still want to pursue that romantic scene, similar to

Taste Testing Filipino Snack Food

The Philippines may be a small island nation in the Pacific, but global traces o

Get Off The Beaten Path in the Philippines

Most tourists visit one or two islands and leave the rest of the Philippines unt

Calaguas Islands: A Hidden Gem in the Philippines

If you are a beach bum and are desperately seeking a lesser-known magical place,

Exploring the WWII Ruins of Corregidor

Eschew the nightlife and the diving for a day and learn a bit of the Philippines

Travel Tips for Visiting the Philippines

The Philippines is a country where European and Asian influences combine with th

10 Things To Do On The Island of Boracay

The island of Boracay in the Philippines is a true tropical idyl with turquoise

How to Prepare for Solo Travel

You probably heard of some people who traveled alone and probably told yourself

Welcome to Paradise: El Nido, Philippines

Long before, I thought "paradise" is just somehow utopic.

Cliff Diving at Ariel's Point, Philippines

Aside from the usual beach bumming activities like taking a paraw around the isl

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Bacolod City - A Place

Campuestohan Highland Resort - A place apart from the city-life!