Overview Japan tips

Yodobashi Akiba - The world's largest electroni

For geeks with money, Yodobashi Akiba is heaven - nine stories stuffed full of h

Operating guidelines for using a japanese high-tech

When I first traveled to Japan, I was ready. I knew all about the astronomica

A day in Osaka, Japan

Osaka is a massive city, second only to Tokyo.

Travel For Free I: Enjoy Free Tours with Greeters wo

I've once read this on a street graffiti: “There's a better

Hankyu Very Much: Non-bargain-shopping in Japan

OK, there are just a few realities that a traveler to Japan just has to deal wit

Itinerary of a short trip to Kyushu, Japan

This travel tip is about a 3 nights / 4 days trip to Kyushu in Japan.

Gokayama, an historic village and an UNESCO World He

Gokayama is a historic village in Toyama, Japan.

Harajuku to Shibuya by foot

An interesting and recommended walk will let you experience Harajuku and Shibuya

the Meiji Jing? Shrine in Tokyo

Meiji Jingū, built in commemoration of Emperor Meiji in 1920, is Tokyo's gr

discover Tokyo on foot

In this large city with such an efficient public transportation system, walking

getting around in Tokyo by subway and train

Tokyo has the most extensive mass transit system in the world.

Amanohashidate, the bridge in heaven

Amanohashidate, the meaning of which is roughly bridge in heaven, is a 3.6 kilom