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Magome to Tsumago: A Great Day Trip from Nagoya

Looking for something to do when you're stopped off in Nagoya, Japan?

Ready to Climb? One of these Mountains Could Be Just

One person’s idea of a perfect mountain climbing experience could be another’s n

20 Etiquette Blunders you Need to Know

Visiting a foreign country for the first time can be daunting, especially when t

Kyoto in a Day - Action Packed for Culture Seekers

Kyoto is one hour outside of Osaka by subway and has a pleasantly relaxing vibe.

Tokyo - A City on the Fast Track of Development

Tokyo is a beautiful city located in Japan.

Encapsulated In Tokyo - A Night At The Capsule Hotel

When I was little, my mother used to caution me never to even think about crawli

Hiroshima Carps Baseball - an experience you will no

If you are ever in Hiroshima during baseball season, I highly suggest seeing a H

How to Pray at a Shinto Shrine in Japan

In Tokyo for New Years, at a Shinto Shrine, surrounded by celebrating Japanese a

Eko Koyasan - A mountaintop Buddhist retreat with 10

After a hard-working Los Angeles couple saw their friend's photos from a tr

Where to shop in Tokyo downtown - Asakusa

The busy shopping street leading from the Kaminarimon gate to the temple is the

Sensoji - Asakusa Kannon is the biggest buddhist tem

Asakusa is a part of Tokyos downtown Taito district best known for its many temp

Japanese pork chop in downtown Osaka

Japanese seems always to serve delicious and beautiful meals! Me and my