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Exploring Makhtesh Ramon in Israel

The largest errosion crater in the world

Reasons to Visit Israel

There are so many reasons to visit Israel, here are a few of my top reasons to e

A Few Places to Visit in Israel

A visit to Israel will provide you with first-hand experience of some of the mos

How to travel during Shabbat in Israel

So you want to go from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv but forget that everything shuts do

A Pop Up Grill in One of Jerusalem's Finest Hot

The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel, an award-winning, deluxe hotel situated in the heart

Visit Israel: The Birthplace of Many Religions

As a destination for pilgrims or tourists, tours to Israel remain a popular choi

Jerusalem Marathon: Experiencing Jerusalem with Ever

Jerusalem is a city rich with history that brings visitors throughout the year.

Winter Wonderland in Jerusalem

Winter in Jerusalem is filled with many festivals and cultural events.

The Jerusalem Opera Festival: Not Just Classical Mus

The Jerusalem Opera Festival brings the classic music culture to the masses.

Traveling in Safed, Israel - Best to be Explored in

Safed, the City of kabbalah, offers tourists a fascinating opportunity to explor

Nightlife in Tel Aviv? Experience Florentine neighbo

Tel Aviv's a huge party town but unless you know where to go, you may be te

Visiting Ramallah from Jerusalem

Just outside Damascus Gate to the Old City you'll find the bus station.