Overview West Indonesia tips

Bandung Eats: Culture Gallery and Cafe Kampung Daun

When you get the chance to visit Lembang in North Bandung, West Java make sure t

Visiting Raja Ampat on a Budget

Visit Raja Ampat, winner of West Papua's provincial village competition, an

A Quick Guide to Wondrous Weh Island, Indonesia

A glimpse information on how to get to the island, how to get around, and things

Mount Leuser National Park - world class coffee and

Covering both resilient Nangroe Aceh Darussalam and antique North Sumatra Provin

Not a typical tourist destination - Madobak Ugai Mat

Madobak, Ugai and Matotonan villages are not specifically designed into a touris

Visit Lake Tondano - for beautiful mountainous scene

Lake Tondano is a famous tourist destination in the province of North Sulawesi.

Kumala Island Tourism Park - the Disneyland of East

Kumala island is situated in the middle of Mahakam River, passing Tenggarong cit

Kamaro Island: Come experience the festive Cap Go Me

Ever since the 9th century when the ancient kingdom of Srivijaya became a thrivi

Kamaka Lake - Visit the Kaimana Region of West Papua

Kamaka Lake is located in Lomira village, also known as Kamaka village, in Trito

Galang Island - The Vietnamese Safe Haven for Hundre

In the 1980's, Galang Island suddenly became famous. This island was a

Kelimutu - The Mysterious Tricolored Lakes of Indone

Kelimutu Lake on Mount Kelimutu, Ende, Flores consists of three crater lakes.

Fresh food and Bustling Markets at Brastagi - Indone

The picturesque town of Brastagi in the beautiful Karo highlands, is 70 kms from