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Guide to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

I don't climb, I don't trek, I barely like walking, yet somehow made i

Different accommodation types of the Serengeti, Tanz

First of all, have enough cash with you.

Serengeti National Park, the endless plains of Tanza

Serengeti National Park is a large conservation area located in the north of Tan

Highlights and regions of the Serengeti, Tanzania

First of all... take lots of photographs!

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

If you really want to save money when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, book your trip

Moshi, Tanzania

Moshi lies just south of the Mount Kilimanjaro.

visit Mto wa Mbu in Tanzania, on transit to northern

Mto wa Mbu (mosquito creek)-in Northern Tanzania, East Africa. Situated on the