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Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Located at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking both the Red Sea and the

What Can You Expect On A Nile Cruise in Egypt

For decades, cruises on the River Nile have been taking tourists on a magical jo

Catching Sunrise at Mount Sinai, Egypt - Breathtakin

Mount Sinai is one of the holiest places in the Arab world. It was menti

Luxor - The World's Greatest Open Air Museum

Luxor is found in Upper Egypt on the banks on the River Nile and it is the start

Five Things You Need To Try In Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm is Egypts oldest and most well liked holiday resort. Its terrific wea

A tour to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh

Each year, holidaymakers travel to the favourite resort of Sharm from the UK.

The perfect FREE experience at Giza Pyramids - Egypt

Hey, here I am, back into the shoes of your favourite Egypt expert!

Travelling to Egypt During Ramadan

Travelling to Egypt during Ramadan can be an exciting time to experience a uniqu

Cheap street food in Cairo

Cheap food is easy to come by in Cairo. Heres a few recommendations: Gad -

Definite highlights, not-to-be-missed in Luxor, Egyp

- the Valley of the Kings - the temple complexes of Luxor and Karnak - Me

The four different train options to get to Luxor and

For those unwilling to purchase an expensive plane ticket, who have more time in

Enjoying and bargaining on the markets in Luxor, Egy

There are at least two different markets in Luxor.