With quite a few hotels near and around Los Angeles International Airport, it is difficult to find a hotel that fits all your needs.  I leave from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) quite frequently, and often need an overnight stay to make those early morning flights or for arriving late at night.
I did my research. I stalked Yelp. Travelocity. The Stay on Main hostel's website.
Travelcast with Cristina Owen, Podcast # 6, by Cyle O'Donnell
Today's podcast is with the lovely and loquacious Cristina Owen of  

A crossbow resembles a short, extremely powerful self-bow mounted crossways at the end of a rifle stock. The archer "cocks" the bow by pulling the bowstring back until it catches in a release on the rear of the stock.

 Today business travel can occur almost anywhere at anytime because it has become easier to use portable networking devices, mobile phone applications and even have Wi-Fi anywhere.

Los Angeles

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