If your kids are anything like ours then animals come high on the family wish list when planning a holiday.
Prior to planning a journey from Panama to Columbia, I had no clue that the Darien Gap even existed.
In the charming mountain town of El Valle de Anton is the APROVACA Orchid Farm.  It's a quick site to see while discovering El Valle but worth the time as the orchids there are beautiful and there are MANY varieties, some so small a magnifying glass was needed to look at the blooms!
Very resonably priced villa (especially if there is 2 or more guests) about 1.5 hours west of Panama City along the Pacific Coast in Playa Blanca Resort (Panama is covered with resorts that are villas, condo
Volunteering in Boquete - Panama - Fooling Around and Football
In this episode, I'm in Boquete, fooling around at "work" and watching Champions league finale.

Just to give you a small amount of background information before we launch into this assault on shipping the Darian Gap.

Some questions may arise otherwise...such as, why do Alex and Gaby have full facial and body tattoos?

Hi Everyone,

When I tell people we are heading south during the winter, most people seem to assume something like Mexico.

Well, we are going to Panama just for that reason!


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