The Niagara Falls whirlpool aero car is a cable car located in Niagara Falls, Ontario.   
We spent the summer in Whistler, BC, Canada and traveled into the neighbouring state of Alberta, from there we were constantly blown away by the nature that surrounded us.
It was like miracle. We arrived late to Banff after long driving, found hotel, take shower, open window and this was our view.
To get the absolute best ski or snowboarding days out, often hiking yields more memorable days and even better runs than heli-skiing.
Southern Ontario Aerial Drone Tour
Southern Ontario provides amazing nature and epic national parks.
20 Incredible Things to add to Your Bucket List
Have you created a bucket list yet?  

If you are on hunt in Canada, geese hunting can be a great fun. It will consist a lot of perks and enjoyment. Like, during your hunt, you'll notice a strange metamorphosis taking place.

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