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Hummingbird Closeup in Cuenca, Ecuador

Hummingbirds are very common in Ecuador.

Panpipes - A popular Andean instrument (& souven

This classic Andean instrument (pan pipe, pan flute, Siku, rondador) appears i

A popular destination and historic church - The El Q

Located about 45 minutes northeast of Quito, El Quinche is a popular destination

Colorful and typical market scene in Otavalo, Ecuado

Necklaces are commonly found in the Otavalo market, most frequently created fr

A flyover Cotopaxi - one of the world's highest

A birds eye view of Mount Cotopaxis volcano rim from a fly over.Cotopaxi in Ecua

Laguna Quilotoa - One of the best hikes in Ecuador

Quilotoa Volcanic Crater Lake Laguna Quilotoa at over 12,500 is a highlight o