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Ninja Chipmunk - capturing moments in nature

You always hear about tips on getting that shot - get away from the crowds, go o

A view of the Flat Tops Wilderness, Colorado - USA

A view of the Flat Tops Wilderness, southwest of Steamboat Springs, in Autumn.

Old Gas Station at Odell - Route 66

Old Gas Station at Odell This old gas station was built in 1932 and sold ga

Crater Lake - The Deepest Lake in the United States,

Crater Lake is seriously something I think everyone should see and like many of

Anyone for a game of Chess? Oceanfront chess at Laha

Walk into town in Lahaina, Maui.

A light beam in the Antelope Canyon in Arizona - USA

A photo can say much more than words...

Cathedral of St. Paul, National Shrine of the Apostl

I visited this beautiful cathedral in St.

Magic Mud - Close Up on the Baird Glacier in Alaska

Magic Mud With flecks of real gold and silver, the build up to the ice of a

Rocky Statue - One of the must sees in Philadelphia

One of the must see sights in Philadelphia!

Marvel double deck engineering - Oakland Bridge, San

Bridges can be a very interesting study in various parts of the world.

Peristyle Pavilion in City Park, New Orleans - One o

Public Park with trees and art . The City Park is one of the most beautiful

Lost in the fog - Mount Washington (NH, USA)

It might be foggy & rainy 200+ days in a year but pictures like that s