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Artist in Wellington Park, Portland, Oregon, USA

Wellington Park, Portland, Oregon, USA

A Sandy Beach in Charleston, South Carolina - USA

A sandy beach in Charleston, South Carolina

Philadelphia - The City of Love

What the world need the most - Loooove!

Sunset at Little Beach - Nude Beach - in South Maui,

Also known as the Nude Beach, Maui.

Peaceful Lake Francis, Pittsburg, New Hampshire, USA

Northern New Hampshire is really remote place. Its not touristy at all.

The Log by the Makapuu Lighthouse - Oahu, Hawai`i

This tiny little nook, called The Log is not easy to find but sure is a gem.

For relaxing along the lake - Tiscornia Park in St.

The inner lighthouse on the North Pier is off in the distance with the famous ou

Lincoln Circle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Gettysburg is an important sector of the civil war in the USA. It got a trumend

M Climb at Colorado School of Mines - A long traditi

The M Climb is a long-time tradition that incoming freshman at the Colorado Scho

Seattle Skyline - View of Seattle from a Cruise Shi

The Seattle skyline aboard the Sapphire Princess on the way to Alaska. Travel p

Picking Fresh Strawberries in Oxnard - California, T

California grows about 75% of the strawberries in the United States and is consi

Morro Rock, “Gibraltor of the Pacific" - A Volc

Morrow Rock is a 581-foot (177 m) Volcanic rock located just offshore from Morro