Overview North Spain photos

Las Islas Cies in Vigo, Spain - One of the Most Beau

Las Islas Cies, or the Cies Islands, off the coast of Vigo in Spain have some of

Fresh Oysters in the Ebro Delta, Catalonia, Spain

You arrive at a barge floating out in the water.

Poppy Flower in Tremp, Catalonia, Spain

The colors of Catalonia are bright and vibrant reds and yellows, and during the

Huge Art - The Strambotic Birth of Venus by Quim Her

This painting is 12x6 meters huge, which makes it probably the largest oil paint

Medieval Village and Roses - Good Fit - Peratallada

Peratallada is a town in Catalonia, Spain.

The Flair of Havana But in Girona, Spain

If I would tell you that I've taken that photo in Havana, you would believe

A Gorgeous Hike and Day Trip - San Juan de Gazteluga

A great hike to a small hermitage on the Basque coast.

Movie-Like Fog - Aerial view of the Pyrenees, Spain

This picture was taken during a flight from Vienna to Barcelona in September 201

The statue of Saint James at the Camino de Santiago

Enjoying the views of the surrounding valleys with the statue of Saint James!