Overview Italy photos

Lago di Comabbio, Italy: The Rock

Taken at Lago di Comabbio, a small Lake in Varese province, north Italy.

A Follow Me Lamborghini Airport Car - A Powerful Wel

How often do you see a Lamborghini? When have you seen the last one? Probably

Nunca & Blu Mural in Modena, Italy

This mural was created by Italian artist Blu in 2010, and its a collaboration wi

The Arno River on a Sunny Day in Florence, Italy

A picture of taken during my PLUS hostels tour of Italy, in the sunshine of Flor

Chiesa di Santo Spirito in Florence - The Church of

Chiesa di Santo Spirito or also known as the Church of the Holy Spirit in Floren

Fishing Fresh Mussels in Cesenatico, Italy

We were out with fishers, who got 6 kilometers line of mussels.

Fishing Boats in the Colourful Leonardo da Vinci Har

Cesenatico's port canal was surveyed and drawn by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Alley Panorama of Assisi, Italy - Stepping Back

You feel a bit like back in that time when walking alone at night through Assisi

Il Genovese - The Best Place to Taste the Pesto in G

Although the green pesto sauce is world famous, Genoa might not. But everybod

Beautiful Views from the Accademia Bridge in Venice

This is one of the views from the Accademia Bridge in Venice, Italy.

Watching the Sunset of Florence from Piazza Michelan

A sunset that bathes the city in a sepia colored Renaissance painting.