Overview South Italy photos

The brightest festival in Italy is held in Puglia

A jaw-dropping light show not to be missed in Scorrano

Sweet but hot peppers form Calabria, those round ones. Best under oil and on your pizza. Mjum! Peppers! from Calabria: The Region in the "Nose

The spice makers of the south italian kitchen

Polignano a Mare in Puglia: Atop a 20 Meter High Cli

Discover the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea:

A Norman Castle in Vico del Gargano Fit for... Anyon

This certainly is a castle fit for anyone and not just for a king.

Mussel Farms on Lago di Varano

Rows upon rows of mussel farms on Lago di Varano with seagulls watching overhead

Nuns in Trani, Italy

I snapped this quickly on a bright, sunny day at Cattedrale di San Nicola Pelleg

The Amazing Picturesque Positano, Italy

The amazing picturesque view of Positano. The view is spectacular and one can n

View from Villa Jovis and sunset on the Isle of Capr

On my (so far) only visit to Italy, I met a friend for part of the trip.