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Skiing in Oberwiesenthal, Erzgebirge, Germany. Ore Mountains: A Winter Photo Guide to Oberwiesentha

Exploring Germany's Highest Town

Falconry show at castle Lauenstein, Erzgebirge Ore Mountains: A Photo Guide to the Lauenstein Castl

Falconry Show at a Medieval Castle in Germany

Torgau and the “Spirit of the Elbe”. Germany: A Photo Story through Martin Luther's

This road trip took me on windy countryside roads through little villages, green

4 Hours in Heidelberg, Germany

We spent 4 hours in Heidelberg on a day trip. Did we see the sights? Yep.

Vinyards in Oberderdingen Oberderdingen - Wine Country in Baden-Wuerttemberg,

Visit the vineyards and wine producers in Oberderdingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germ

The outside of the converted Gasometer Marvel at the 360-Degree Art at the Gasometer Pforzh

Impressive art in a converted building in the Golden City

Frauenkirche Dresden Frauenkirche Observation Platform

Amazing view of Dresden

Hotel Hof Galerie on Sylt: An Epic Accommodation

I was looking for a special and outstanding accommodation on Sylt, Germany...

Speicherstadt, Hamburg: Largest Timber-Pile Founded

The Speicherstadt in Hamburg is the Largest Timber-Pile Founded Warehouse Distri

Brandenburg Gate At Night-Time, Berlin - Hard To Cap

This one was particularly hard to capture as there were tourists everywhere! Ev