Overview West Indonesia photos

Traditional Batak House on Samosir Island - Sumatra

The roofs of these houses are formed like the waterbuffelo horns.

Lasem: Hidden Treasure of Architectural Heritage in

A tiny district called Lasem, located in Central Java’s Rembang regency, Central

Banyak Islands... The Beauty of West Indonesia

Banyak also spelled Banjak is a group of more than 60 small islands in Aceh; a s

Body Rafting in Green Canyon, Indonesia - One of the

If you dare to do challenging adventures while admiring beautiful landscape, bod

Banyak Islands - Consisting of 99 Small Land Masses

The Banyak Islands are a group of mostly uninhabited islands located between Sim

Amazing Mount Krakatoa (Krakatau) - Volcanic Island

Krakatoa(Indonesian:Krakatau) was a volcanic island made of lava in the Sunda St

Beautiful, Smiling Toba Children in Indonesia - Frie

The Toba people of North Sumatra, Indonesia are always smiling, even if they don

Baby Orangutan - Babies Are All The Same, Right?

Babies are all cuddly, especially mammals, and not excluding a baby orangutan he

Indonesian Food, Selat Solo

This food is the result of acculturation between Javanese and the Dutch culture

A Contemporary Javanese Dance - Topeng Ireng Dancers

Two women dancers preparing their performance in the backstage. They will perfo

Grasak Kebo Giro - an Indonesian Dance with strange

Grasak Kebo Giro, one of Indonesian dynamic dance from Magelang, Central Java Pr