Overview China photos

Hutongs: Explore History of Ancient Living Quarters

The history of Beijing is found in Hutong, lined with Siheyuan -traditional sing

Street Food: Sichuan-Style in Chengdu, China

The best way to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture is do like the locals an

Come to Chengdu: Huang Long Xi Ancient Town

Set along the river, Huang Long Xi Ancient Town is a true taste of Chinese cultu

Heaven on Earth in Xingping, China

Xingping, China (near Yangshuo) is a very special place that Rachel and I have b

Huxinting Tea House - The oldest and most famous tea

Huxinting Tea House - The oldest and most famous teahouse in all of Asia. Yu Y

Chinese door - Medieval Beijing near Houhai Lake

Typical Hot Pot Restaurant in Medieval Hutong House near Houhai Lake.

The real gem - The Hangzhou Inner West Lake in China

Hangzhou is famous for the stunning Xi Hu (West Lake) but its the inner inlets

Puyi Village seems to be Ghost Town in rural Yangshu

Puyi Village like so many other small villages in rural China could easily be

Waiting to view the sunset at West Lake, Hangzhou, C

We fell in love with Hangzhou the moment we arrived, after spending two weeks