Overview Africa photos

Beach walks in Walker Bay Nature Reserve, South Afri

Endless beaches made for long walks, collecting shells, enjoying the sound of th

Lovely Summer Resort City of Alexandria, Egypt

Called the second capital of Egypt, Alexandria and one of the most lovely summer

Feluccas Floating on the Nile near the Botanical Isl

Get excited to see the Botanical Island and famous ways in ancient time to navig

Snorkeling Trip by Cruise to Ras Mohammed Red Sea -

In Sharm El Sheikh to transfer to Ras Mohammed you will find a panoramic vista o

Nile Cruise - Night at Aswan, Egypt

Enjoy the scenery in Egypt also at night.

Porto Marina El Ain El Sokhna - A Luxurious Egyptian

Stretching along the pristine sands of the Red Sea, El Ein Bay is a luxurious in

Perfect Beach in Nuweiba, Egypt

The further up the Sinai penisula you go, the further away from the crowds of Sh

Lesotho - A Paradise for Cyclists

Lesotho - A paradise for cyclists

Maasai Women Singing and Dancing - Kenya

Massai women singing and dancing in their village in Maasai Mara, Kenya

The Sphinx and the Pyramids - The World Famous Sight

Egypt to visit all famous sightseeing and famous tourist attractions, start in C

Landing Pelican - Amazing Bird View in Lake Nakuru N

If you are looking for a vacation of life time, take a holiday to Kenya for mind

Pyramid View and Light Show at Dawn

Go back to the time of the Pharaohs and discover the enchanting pharaonic histor