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Lonely Rock in the Acacus Mountains of Libya

A photo can say much more than words...

Acacus Mountains in Libya - What a scenery!

Tadrart means mountain in the native language of the area (Tamahaq language).The

UNESCO World Heritage - Ancient rock art in Tadrart

The area is known for its rock-art and was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage

An amazing view on a 4x4 in the Acacus Mountains in

The Acacus Mountains or Tadrart Acacus form a mountain range in the desert of we

Camping in the desert of Libya

A photo can say much more than words...

A lake in the middle of the Libyan desert - The Alha

It is lake at the Alhayat Valley in the sahara of Libya.

Travelers enjoying the view of the Waw an Namus volc

It is avolcanic mountain in the South of Libya. It rises about 575m.

An Oasis - One of the three salt lakes of the Waw an

The inside of the caldera houses rich foliage and three small salt lakes of vari

Beautiful Aerial Sunset Photo of the Waw an Namus Vo

Waw an Namus (also spelled Wau-en-Namus, Arabic: ???

A mirage or a real desert lake?

A desert lake in the south of Lybia. A photo can say much more than words