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Ankh - The Key of Life in Ancient Egypt

"Ankh", the Key of Life in Ancient Egypt, is one of the treasures of t

Ancient Sights at Night in Egypt

Egypt private excursions, day trips and luxury sightseeing tours to: Cairo, Giza

Sharm El Sheikh at Night

It's really a great city for some relaxed time.

Photo of the River Nile near Aswan, Egypt

The River Nile in at night is a wonderful time for enjoying the view with the ro

El Sharm Shiekh Island - In the Center of the Red Se

Come and visit this island at Shram el sheikh.

Feluccas Floating on the Nile near the Botanical Isl

Get excited to see the Botanical Island and famous ways in ancient time to navig

The Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt

This is at the beautiful Luxor temple in Egypt.