I love to travel and I love to go to new places whenever I get a break from work.
The C2C Cycle Route sometimes referred to as the coast to coast cycle challenge is a must for long distance cyclists looking for an exciting cycling holiday in England.
It might be difficult to believe, but this photograph was taken in England: Honister Pass in the English Lake District to be precise. There are a few ways of getting up to this spectacularly scenic point.  
One of the most naturally stunning areas of Scotland, it's one of my favourite spots!  
Exploring Scotland's East Coast
Some of our favorite highlights from an impromptu trip to Scotland's East coast.

Horse racing is among the very ancient sports in the world. It originated from Central Asia where nomadic tribesmen domesticated horses for the first time.

You've never heard of #Blogmanay?

Have you heard of Hogmanay?

North United Kingdom

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