With so much incredible history to behold in Europe, it can be challenging to create an itinerary for your upcoming trip vacationing in London.
London is a place filled with many attractions. If you are short on time during your trip, then you can cover the top five attractions and make the tour productive.
Home to the Royals, London's Buckingham Palace is a top site. If you're there around 11:00 am, be prepared for the masses and the changing of the guard.  At other times of the day, it's a more relaxed experience.  
On the north bank of the Thames River, and just along from Embankment Tube Station, is Cleopatra's Needle. A solitary ancient Egyptian obelisk, that is now 'guarded' by two bronze sphinxes and stands just above the water at high-tide. Sadly it had nothing to do with Cleopatra.
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London is a booming metropolitan city where a large number of people travel for both relaxation and business. Even a few years back, it was unthinkable to lease out flats, which were completely furnished and provided amenities on a par or better than hotels.

A vibrant city in nature, thousands of visitors arrive in London every year and immerse themselves in the dynamic essence of the city by renting luxurious apartments. Serviced apartments in London come with a number of features that make them alluring to the travellers.


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