I have been living in Switzerland now for almost a year, and am proud to say that I learned quite a bit about the people and the country, climbed some mountains and enjoyed some phantastic views.   So here's some suggestions for hikers and no-hikers alike:
Lucerne, the name originates from the word Lorezzeria which means ‘a settlement on marshy ground’, and is said to be the home of William Tell.  The town is nestled in the Swiss Alps and has a fairytale feel.   
The World's First Double Decker Cable Car is in Switzerland.
Amazing Views of the Wall of Lucerne in Switzerland
In this video David is in the Swiss city of Luzern where he takes some time to check out the city
Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland - Europe's Oldest Wooden Covered Bridge
Here in the city of Luzern, Switzerland is where you can find one of the oldest wooden bridges in

One hour away from the city of Zurich, you shall find Lucerne, one of the most beautifully pictursque Swiss towns. 

Centre Switzerland

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