Barcelona, the capital city of Spain, is a buzzing, vibrant, and eclectic European city with loads to offer tourist
If you’ve been to Barcelona you will already know that it’s bursting with cool co-working spaces and alternative offices, offering a new convenient way to work.
Photo shared by OK Apartment Barcelona
What makes you fall in love with a city? Maybe because it has a perfect climate, its annual average temperature is around 15ºC - 17ºC. During the winter it rarely drops below 5ºC and in the summer it reach easily 25ºC. So what does that mean?
The Malasaña District is one of the greatest areas to live or stay during a vacation in Madrid.  
Barcelona: Seeking Gaudi
Antoni Gaudi and Barcelona.
Barcelona: Taste of Gothic and Catalan Cuisine
The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and Catalan cuisine.

The region of Andalusia spreads over 87 268 km² of land. One of the largest regions, Andalusia covers up to 17% of  total area of Spain.

San Sebastián

Writing about a place that you love and appreciate seems to be much more difficult that discussing a destination which doesn`t evoke any strong feelings. Probably it`s the main reason of waiting for the right moment to write about my last trip to Spain.


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