Who hasn’t heard of “The Rock”?
Gibraltar has become quite a fascinating destination for expats to explore due to its unique location and political situation.
Faro Beach Marbella
El Faro Beach is one of the most crowded on the Marbella coast due to its location right in front of the city centre. The great lighthouse presiding over it lends the beach its name: Faro ("faro" means lighthouse in Spanish).
Bright sun reflecting on the fresh snow in Sierra Nevada, Andalusia. My lifelong aversion to the freezing canadian cold winters I had always known and my fear of skiing had gotten me to think skiing was synonym to iced fingers, blue lips and dead toes.
Spain's incredible dancing horses - balletic beauties
There’s a swish of white as a horse and it’s smartly suited rider form a determined arc to the ri
La Giralda in Sevilla, Spain
A good video can make all the difference!

Marbella is at the heart of the Costa del Sol and a favorite of most Spaniards. It is a great spot to visit during their annual fair in June, La Feria de San Bernabe.

South Spain

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