If you have a long weekend or, even better, a week to spare, how about visiting somewhere that was the first landscape in Europe to be classified with the status of Cultural Landscape of Human Heritage?   That place is Sintra in Portugal!
Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is divided into six different districts and the famous Park of the Nations. When one travels to Lisbon and walks it all around can easily discover the true spirit of the city in its traditional neighbourhoods.
Quinta da Regaleira is one of the magnificent buildings that tower above the historic centre of Sintra, about 30 minutes from Lisbon.
Aldeia Típica de José Franco (Typical Village of José Franco) is unlike any model village you are ever likely to see anywhere else in the world because of the sheer size and scale of the project.  José Franco, a Portuguese potter, made it his life’s work, until h
Live, Love, Learn - Study In Lisbon
A video portraying the life of a student in Lisbon.

Seldom do I travel anywhere in Europe and not hear an English voice, so as I sat, on Tuesday night, in a Lisbon bar, I was transfixed by the scene around me.


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