So you’ve decided to visit Amsterdam. Good for you. The Netherlands has a lot to offer, and I’ll share some more about that another time.
We thorougly enjoyed our weekend in Amsterdam, finally putting an end to our raising curiosity of the city.  
If you're looking for a luxurious and romantic experience amidst the chaos of Amsterdam, check out "High Wine" at The Dylan Hotel. They give you a selection of their finest wines and pair them each with a different amuse style savory bite.
View of the circular waterway 'Ringvaart' - Amsterdam. Near of Molen van Sloten. Vista del canal circular 'Ringvaart' - Amsterdam. 
Biggest Flea Market in Europe
The Grachten of Amsterdam - A Special Look and the Famous Canal-Girdle
The Grachten of Amsterdam give the visitors the possibility to reach the main attractions by Cana

If you’re heading to Amsterdam any time soon then there are a few things that you pretty much have to do if you don’t want to miss out on the complete Mokum experience.

When it comes to the city of Amsterdam, everyone associates it with one thing – marijuana cafes. Whilst marijuana is a major part of Amsterdam, there is more to the city than just that.


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