Are you thinking of a beautiful island where you can take your family, next holiday?
Every religious festival in Puglia is decorated with arches, galleries, cupolas made of white and coloured lights.
Sweet but hot peppers form Calabria, those round ones. Best under oil and on your pizza. Mjum!
Italy doesn't have a spicy kitchen... many think. Untill you arrive in the south! Here in Calabria you'll find heaps of opportunity to burn your mouth.
Amalfi Coast, Italy on a Budget: Positano - 5 Travel Tips
Big & Small welcome you to southern Italy’s Campania region and the jaw-dropping Amalfi Coast
Maglie, Puglia: Italian Food Festival Mercatino del Gusto
Italian food festival Mercatino del Gusto is held in Maglie in Puglia each year.

Thousands of people gather together in the heart of Matera; in bundles they wait, for the secret float to appear from its hidings to reveal its elegant colours and impeccable detail, whilst carrying the statue of Maria Santissima della Bruna- the Patron Saint of Matera.

Sometimes in the world of the working, it pays to be able to slow down, take a break and relax in a paradise far away from normal day to day life.

South Italy

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