Things one should always keep in mind before going to Italy: transportation, food, sights... 1. If you are planning to rent a car in Italy, you can expect the cost to be upwards $100/day for a car rental, which is not ideal in any case.
Capri is a mere half-hour's ferry or hydrofoil ride away from Naples. This beautiful island is synonymous with stars, style and impossible glamour but, away from the central Piazzetta, it's also a place of stunning natural beauty and calm.
This is a window, which I found in Santarcangelo and it's a hidden gem! OK, not the window is a hidden gem, but properly Santarcangelo! That's at least my guess that not too many travelers know about it.
Is that the view you expect to find when visiting Italy? Then visit Verucchio!
Hiking The Path of Gods Italy from Bologna to Florence
Did you know there are 130km of ancient pathways that connect the city of Bologna with Florence,
Another Side of Italy: Hiking in Emilia Romagna
Italy has more to offer than just espresso and wine!

This is the longest time I've stayed abroad in one specific destination for a looooong time!

And I'm looking forward to it!

Centre Italy

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